Meadow Snuffle Mat
Meadow Snuffle Mat

Meadow Snuffle Mat

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Some benefits of using a snuffle mat:

- For our kibble fed friends, a snuffle mat can help to slow them down at mealtime so they don't gulp their food and can help in the prevention of bloat.

- For older pets who are not as mobile as they once were or have trouble eating out of a bowl, the snuffle mat is flat and closer to the ground. They can easily use the snuffle mat while laying on the ground.

- Snow storms, freezing temperatures, rain, even extreme heat makes it impossible to give our pets the exercise they require. A snuffle mat can help with this by allowing them to work on their brain & nose skills while staying comfortable inside.

- Use the snuffle mat to help distract your pet when introducing them to new environments, sights, or smells. It will help them not to focus on the anxiety causing noises.

Available in two sizes:

Mini: 6”x6” base
- Ideal for travelling, in the car, at training classes & sports trials and for smaller animals.
Regular: 12”x12” base
- We recommend this size for most pets.

Each snuffle mat has a durable rubber base, with fleece strips woven through the holes and carefully hand tied.

Care Instructions:  Hand wash your snuffle mat and lay flat to dry. Rubber base must be kept away from heat sources, so do not put in the dryer.

IMPORTANT:  Please supervise during use and remove the mat when your pet is done.  A snuffle mat is NOT for chewing.  Most pets are so focused on finding all the goodies, that they don’t try to chew the mat. By removing it when they have finished this will remove the temptation to play with or chew the mat.  Remove any damaged strips from the mat.

Colors: Green, Light Blue

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