Meet The Team



Terrilynn - Owner
Hello! I am the proud creator and owner of Malamoose & I have always been an animal lover. I am originally from a small town in Nova Scotia and I moved to Alberta in 2009. I met my boyfriend in 2010 and in 2016 we decided it was time to add a furry member to our family! We adopted Juno and wow, has she taught me lots! From patience to how to laugh every single day. I am truly thankful that we found her and that she is now a permanent part of our lives. If it weren't for her, the inspiration for Malamoose wouldn't exist!
Juno - CTO (Chief Testing Officer)
She is the true inspiration behind everything that Malamoose is! She stole my heart from the first time that we drove the 2 hour one way trip just to meet her at the shelter. We took her for a walk - then we went to have lunch to "think it over" but Curt could tell that my mind was already made up - she was going to be ours! I'm so happy that we have been able to provide her a home where she is comfortable to show us all of her crazy Juno antics!
Curtis - Support
Malamoose wouldn't have a place on the internet without my boyfriend Curt! He's my IT (and emotional) support. He helps me work through my frustrations when I can't see the solution or when I just won't get out of my own way. He is amazing to be able to handle the craziness that both Juno & I throw at him on a daily basis.