Brand Ambassadors

Meet our brand ambassadors! They are the dogs that help us to test our products and help us to spread the word of Malamoose to all their friends and family. Read below to learn more about them from their owners!

Charlie - Kitchener, Ontario


Meet Charlie!! Charlie is an 8 month old maltipoo from Ontario, Canada.

When we purchased Charlie in November 2021, we had no idea what we were in for. Charlie had never been outside, let alone in snow! Turns out, he loves being outside and running around in the snow! He is the happiest dog I have ever seen.

Charlie's favourite pastimes are chasing squirrels and birds, playing tug of war and chase. Charlie, mommy and daddy are currently participating in doggie training! Charlie loves to jump over obstacles and is going to do obstacle training! We are so excited to be representing Malamoose as a brand ambassador. We love the quality and high level of craftsmanship that goes into each product along with the colour choices!

You can find Charlie on IG @chill_like_charlie
You can save 10% on your order with his ambassador code: CHARLIE10

Piper & Ella - Red Deer, AB

Piper and Ella
Meet Piper and Ella, we are both Norwegian Elkhounds! Our owner got us with the intention of hiking and paddle boarding with us but that plan quickly vanished when Piper was diagnosed with severe hip displasia. Luckily for me, my dog mom has pet insurance so I was able to get two new hips. Ella showed up a few years later to keep Piper company but low and behold she has lots of serious health problems too! She is the typical Norwegian Elkhound who just loves her three people in our family/pack and when she’s feeling good she spends her day chasing the birds in the backyard and developing her hunting skills. As for Piper, she’s special. Although mostly Norwegian Elkhound, she is not a typical dog of my breed. She loves every living person and animal that she meet and she really want to play and get to know you. She doesn’t care about chasing birds with her sister. She was the favourite at the dog park because she played with every dog she met. Unfortunately after my surgery, the vet said no more dog park. So Piper got a sister and lots of brain games. But this year we found out why she has this bright sociable personality! It turns out that the DNA test we sent in on Piper came back that she has 10% Border Collie! Now we know why she has always been a challenge to keep stimulated and happy! Piper can solve any puzzle in minutes but the Snuffle Mat really works my brain and gives snacks at the same time which is double win for Piper! Our Malamoose toys can even get Ella away from chasing the birds momentarily to play and have a snack!
You can find Piper & Ella on IG @piper.ella.theelkhounds
You can save 10% on your order with his ambassador code: PIPERELLA10

Mango - Vancouver, BC

Mango is a standard bernedoodle (Bernese mountain dog and poodle) aka floofball full of energy and love. Born in October 2021, came to his furever home December 2021. Fun things about him: He will do endless tricks for treats, loves learning, car rides, play time and exploring new trails. Mango can be mischievous by finding socks and dish cloths to steal, he always wins at tug of war and thrives on anything that is engaging and stimulating mentally. Mango is a social butterfly, gets a confused look on his face if someone walking by doesn’t give him attention, he loves other dogs of all sizes and anyone that gives him attention (kids are his favourite!) His greetings still need some work as he still doesn’t realize his size! He loves toys that challenge him especially snuffle mats and puzzle toys and enjoys picking out new toys for the day out of his toy box (so cute to watch him do this). He will be training in the future to be a mental health therapy dog. He will definitely continue to bring smiles to the faces of many people in his therapy dog future! Mango is excited to be ambassador for a Canadian company that is dedicated to providing high quality pet products!
You can find Mango on IG @mrmangodood
You can save 10% on your order with his ambassador code: MANGO10

Maggie - Calgary, AB

Miss Mags
Magnolia is a specially-abled French bulldog who just turned 3! After tragically losing both of our Frenchie girls really young, my husband and I learned that life had to be about quality - because quantity is never guaranteed. So we decided to look at rescue, to give a dog a second chance at a life where every single day was filled with love and adventure, in memory of our two girls. Magnolia was thrown out like garbage by her breeder at just a few days old when all the puppies’ eyes opened. Because, by no fault of her own due to being bred for her rare colour and not for health, she opened her eyes to empty eye sockets (she has no eyeballs, and is thus 100% blind)). But like the saying goes, one (wo)man’s trash is another (wo)man’s treasure. While she was born into a world of darkness, Maggie’s light shone so bright that she caught my attention in Calgary, Alberta, Canada all the way from New Bern, North Carolina, USA (where she was in rescue at French Bulldog Village). When we were selected to adopt her, I felt like I had won the lottery - I knew she was my girl. I have tried to keep true to my promise of making every day count, and special for her. She goes on so many adventures all over Canada and the US - having already been to 12 States and 3 Provinces in the 2 years that she has been with us (we adopted her just weeks before the pandemic shut the border down) - and loves to both road trip in our Jeep and fly. She loves to hike in the Rocky Mountains, and is also an avid swimmer! We’re originally from BC and take her back to the ocean regularly, and she loves swimming so much that we lovingly call her MerMags. She has so many furiends, and is even married to a 3-lb chihuahua name Mochi - they love each other and have shown us that love is truly blind. We are honoured to be a part of the Malamoose team, and show that a disabled dog who sees with her heart rather than eyes can be a model, too! Thank you for seeing Maggie’s true beauty, Malamoose.

You can find Maggie on IG @missmagsthewonderdog
You can save 10% on your order with his ambassador code: MERMAGS10

Fern & Whiskey - Calgary, AB

These two are a breed that no one seems to know how to pronounce, heck I don't even know if we say it properly. Vizsla - "vee" "shla" is my understanding of this Hungarian pointer pronunciation! Regardless of what you hear when I say their breed, because yes, everyone asks if they don't already know, they're the best things that have ever happened to us!
We got Whiskey 7 years ago from Prince George and although we have LOVED every minute of having him, we said we'd never get a puppy again. I'm sure you can imagine how that went. We adore him and have wanted to get a companion for him for quite a few years. Yes, we forgot ALL about puppy life, so here we are with an 8 month old Fern (aka Fernando, crazy lady, lunatic) We got her in November from Victoria. Her mischievous ways pushed our buttons from day one but she has weasled her way deep into our hearts and we couldn't imagine not having her as Whiskey's little sister. Whiskey is a definitely the pushover of the two. He is a little timid, and at times a little grumpy in his age. That said, he is such a sweetheart when he gets to know you. All it takes is a few bum scritches and his heart is yours. Fern is small but mighty, outgoing, squeaky, a little feisty but aims to please and LOVES to cuddle. She is winning him over day by day. We reside in Calgary and love taking them on weekend adventures out west!

Vizslas are very smart, high energy, working dogs who need a lot of physical exercise and mental stimulation.

You can find Fern & Whiskey on IG @fernandwhiskey
You can save 10% on your order with his ambassador code: FERNWHISKEY10

Zeus - Halifax, NS

Zeus is a German Shepherd cross. He is a 3 year old rescue dog, and is originally from a high kill shelter in Texas. Zeus came into my home as a foster dog. When I first picked him up he barely would get into the backseat of my car, he was so fearful and had so little trust in humans. From the moment I picked him up I knew he was very special. After the first night I took him home he became more and more comfortable and blossomed into such a loving and happy dog. The fourth day I had Zeus in my home I knew I couldn't let this boy go, he was just too perfect. I messaged the adoption agency and told them that I wanted to adopt Zeus and thankfully, everything worked out! He is a foster fail! Zeus has been with me for a little over 3 months now and it already feels like we have been together forever. He is so loving and gentle and just wants to cuddle and nap all day, although he does think he a lap dog!  Zeus is a pretty funny guy, he is a big scaredy cat! Quite literally, he is timid around cats and other things that jump and him and make noise. He doesn't really live up to his name, well not yet anyways! Zeus and I are currently in training to become a registered Saint John Ambulance Therapy Dog team here in Nova Scotia! He is extremely gentle and patient with young children, people with special needs, and elderly people, and knows exactly what his job is as a therapy dog. While he is not training or napping he LOVES to swim, go for hikes, and play in the snow! He is a big runner, and his favourite game with his doggy BFF's is chase! (Zeus usually being the one being chased, of course!) Zeus has adapted to the Nova Scotian climate very well, he loves our beautiful East Coast beaches and snowy winters more than anything! Coming from Texas, it was a big adjustment for him. Zeus and I are so excited to be representing Malamoose as a brand ambassador, as we love the quality and high level of craftsmanship that gos into each product. I am so incredibly blessed to have Zeus in my life.
You can find Zeus on IG @mymightymutt

You can save 10% on your order with his ambassador code: ZEUS10

Waylon - Strathroy, ON

Waylon is a high energy pup who loves to run, play and most of all - hunt! He firmly believes that every human should be greeted by happy tail wags and infinite licks, but has yet to learn that he is a large dog that doesn’t fit in laps comfortably anymore. We planned to get a German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP) for many years prior to getting Waylon and our breeder paired him to us based on our desires/needs. We wanted a socialite who loves to hunt and would be a great running companion. Our breeder actually helped us named him too as we were between two names and she thought Waylon was way more suitable for him than the other name. Since day one Waylon has been very social and boasting with personality, so there’s rarely a dull moment in our lives. He has joined us for our outings everyday since we picked him up and everyone on the trails usually greets him. With a big personality comes drama though, and he will get creative for attention (Ex. Once he howled like he broke a limb just because he stepped in a puddle). We are very excited to join the Malamoose team as keeping a GSP mentally stimulated can be a chore at times and these products are perfect for that!
You can find Waylon on IG @gspnamedwaylon

You can save 10% on your order with his ambassador code: WAYLON10

Caesar & Lucky - Calgary, AB

Caesar is a border collie x great pyrenees cross, he is 5. Lucky is a chow chow x husky mix, I am unsure of his age but our best guess is somewhere between 8 & 10.
I rescued them both (but really, they rescued me), they both have their fair share of issues but I couldn’t imagine life without them. Caesar battles having severe allergies and is prone to getting respiratory and intestinal infections often, but he’s a tough boy and he doesn’t let it bother him!
Lucky is currently adapting to life with limited eyesight as he has recently developed cataracts, but you’d never know as he is always in high spirits! I am proud to say he has overcome a lot of challenges since I’ve adopted him though, such as PTSD, anxiety and fear of just about everything.
Together they are quite the pair, they are so different but they balance each other out perfectly. At home they can always be found side by side, no matter the activity. They enjoy swimming, hiking, visiting the dog park, road trips and love showing off all their tricks for a treat. They also share their home with their two feline siblings, Atlas and Sinclair who they adore.
We can’t thank Malamoose enough for having us join their team as brand ambassadors. A fun bonus fact about us, we LOVE Malamoose toys. We have a growing collection of about 25 of their tug toys, and the boys can always be found with one by their side.
You can find Caesar & Lucky on IG @caesarandlucky

You can save 10% on your order with their ambassador code: CAESARLUCKY10

Pippa - Calgary, AB

Pippa is a 9 month old Shiba Inu! We thoroughly researched the breed before getting one and was prepared to deal with the typical shiba inu antics/stubbornness. When we first took Pippa home, all she wanted to do was be close to us and snuggle. She is not your typical Shiba - she absolutely loves people (kids especially) and other dogs! Pippa is still in training and is definitely starting to pick up a lot of tricks! She loves hanging out with her 2 kitty sisters and going to the dog park. Pippa is super friendly and gives free kisses (with no hesitation) to anyone we meet. People are usually shocked to encounter such a warm & friendly Shiba Inu! We think that she has a lot of love to give mainly due to her being the runt of the litter. She received so much love and attention when she was a puppy and has now learned to give back to others! We absolutely adore Pippa and she has become the neighbourhood favourite. Our walks go from 15 mins to 30 mins mainly because Pippa wants to say hello to everyone she meets. 
You can find Pippa on IG @pippa_inu
You can save 10% on your order with her ambassador code: PIPPA10

 Chance - Calgary, AB

Chance is a 6-and-a-half-month-old Toy Australian Shepherd, but don’t tell him he’s a toy! He is a Christmas baby, born December 26th, 2017 and was the biggest in his litter. He’s full of life and energy but also knows when it is time to relax, which to him is anytime it is above 25 degrees outside! We picked Chance up at the beginning of March and had originally picked out the name Axel. After getting back into the car and seeing his white innocent face, we decided Axel didn’t suit him. Before we had even made it back to the highway we had decided on Chance, naming him after our favorite rapper- Chance the Rapper.
Everyone always tells us what a smart, loving boy our little guy is, but they don’t see the work we have put in to make sure he grows into the pet we wanted. For the first few months we safety socialized him in many different environments (and still practice this); he gets two walks everyday (assuming weather is in our favor); and lots of mental stimuli daily through trick training.
Chance is hands down the smartest little puppy I have ever had, and because of that he requires a lot of mental stimulation. There are many ways to do this with your puppy (certain toys, giving them jobs, tricks) and we have focused on tricks! Right now, Chance can understand and perform around 27 different tricks ranging from sit, to back up. His favorite trick currently is “play dead” and his least favorite is “roll over”. Chance also has his issues, but we are working on those to make sure he lives the best life he can. We are so happy and excited to have this little guy in our lives. Thank you Malamoose for inviting us to join your team.
You can find Chance on IG @chancethepup_yyc

You can save 10% on your order with his ambassador code: CHANCE10

Zora - Courtenay, BC

I had been looking for a dog for months and figured I would check the local SPCA one last time before contacting a few out of province rescues, that’s when I saw her. A sad picture of a 5 month old puppy, an owner surrender, described as fearful and afraid of life. I called and went to meet her right away. It was love at first sight, she was timid and needed a lot of training, but goofy and you could tell she had SO much potential. <br>After little to no thought I was signing papers and she was jumping in my car. Since that day in February 2017 I haven’t looked back. Honestly can’t even remember what my life was like before her, besides empty and boring. Zora is a 1.5yr old mutt who is an incredibly outgoing, silly, active goofball, that has a real zest for life.  Through a lot of training and socializing, she has gained so much confidence and is no longer fearful, she is a courageous explorer! <br>We do many different things to help her live her life to the fullest, but some of her favourites are exploring, digging in the sand, trick training, chasing birds, agility, biking, and most of all, cuddling. She’s like an energizer bunny when we’re out and about, there’s no stopping or slowing down, but she has an amazing off switch and is so happy to spend a lazy day cuddling on the couch. <br>Zora fit into my life so perfectly from the beginning, she has helped me through some tough times, lead many great adventures, taught me how to be more social, helped me become more active, taught me to enjoy the little things in life, and has guided us to some amazing opportunities, like becoming a Brand Ambassador for MalaMoose. I’m so thankful to have such a great pup and to be a part of this awesome team!

You can save 10% on your order with her ambassador code: ZORA10