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Welcome! I want to officially thank you for stopping by and checking us out.

A bit about us and our little family here - I am originally from a small place in Nova Scotia called Porter's Lake (population of about 3,200). I grew up with a love of animals. I studied to be a Veterinary Assistant, but unfortunately the reality of that career choice was just too much for me to handle emotionally. I moved to Alberta in 2008 and I met my boyfriend, Curtis, in 2010.

We moved to Calgary together in 2012 and in 2016 we finally rented a place where we were allowed to have a pet and that's when we found Juno. We found her at a shelter that was two hours away, so off we drove to go meet her. When we first met her, her leash skills were terrible!! I wasn't able to walk her at all. What made me fall in love with her and make the decision to bring her home was how she pushed all her weight into my legs when I would pet her - she still does this today.

I created MalaMoose Dog Co with the thought of Juno in mind. When I created her a snuffle mat and some tug toys, she was so happy with her new toys. I thought that I would love your dogs to be as happy with their new toys as she was, and I would love to meet the other dogs of Calgary through my company and so that's why we create products that are "inspired by our dog, but made for yours".

We hope you love all of our current products. We have many more ideas for future products for your dog so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and follow our social media for all the latest news!

From us here at MalaMoose, sincerely thank you for all your support!

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